About Us

The Ionia Area Chamber of Commerce has served Ionia County for more than 75 years. The primary purpose of the Chamber is to support and sustain local business to make our community a great place to live, work and play.

As the foremost advocacy organization for businesses in the county, the Chamber actively works to promote and cultivate a thriving business climate while protecting and advancing the interest of the members and the community as a whole. Working in conjunction with citizens, businesses, educational and governmental partners to provide a positive business environment and improve the quality of life here in Ionia and beyond.Β 

Our Mission: To be a positive and informative voice for our members and community. To provide the structure of a strong, collective membership, committed to creating the resources for each member to achieve their greatest potential.

The Ionia Area Chamber of Commerce proudly serves businesses and organizations of all sizes operating in or doing business in our area.

Bobbie Edlin

Executive Director

Ashley Thomas

Admin and Event Coordinator


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